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Science is only fun when you’re actually doing it, and we aim to help you discover the fun of what science can be through science fair projects.

You’ll find information regarding all different levels of fairs from elementary through high school. There are so many competition levels that begin at your local school and go through national and even international opportunities if you felt so inclined.

But First, The Rules

Upon competing in a science fair, you’ll need to learn the proper rules, which are different at local, state, and federal levels.

You’ll need to know and adhere to them to compete effectively and not get disqualified. Don’t worry though, because we can help you with that as well.

We’ll help you understand the guidelines judges follow so that you can showcase your work to the best of your ability.

We want you to “wow” the judges!

The Different Categories

Let’s face it – not every single person loves all facets of science. Some people love physics, and others love biology.

We can help you find inspiration regardless of the science that you love.

Chemistry? You bet.

Earth Science? That rocks!

It doesn’t matter if you’d prefer to do something related to astronomy or engineering – either way, we’ve got you covered.

The Project and Experiment

You’ll find information on how to present your magnificent project like backdrops and exhibit materials that will work best for your presentation.

You’ll also find tips on written reports and how to best prepare your research for review.

In developing your project, you’ll also run into needing to know what the parts of an experiment are to be able to create your project’s presentation.

Learn about independent and dependent variables, and how to set them up with the proper experimental units.

You’ll also find information on the scientific method that will help it become easier for you to move forward with your project. If you follow the information and tips we give you, you might even impress the judges.

Sourcing Supplies

If you are in need of supplies, we can help you in that department too. We’ll give you some recommendations on which supplies will be best for your project’s presentation.

We’ll help you find the best display board materials, give you tips on how to use pictures, and share with you some ideas on how to use quality materials.

Here on our site, you’ll also find information on how to create compelling titles as well as appropriate subtitles, in addition to learning how to place them on your tri-fold board display.

Reaping the Rewards

If you do the work and give it your best effort, you may be able to walk away with more than just the experience – you may receive a medal, too!

You may even qualify for individual scholarships that are made for people that participate in a science fair.

Either way, science becomes its own reward, and you’ll learn along the way, most importantly.

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