Surefire Tips to Improve Your Written Report Skills

Written Report

For all students, one of the most memorable assignments that they will encounter is writing a report – but not really in a good way. Report writing can be a very stressful task for students. Many academic assignments require a report instead of an essay. This creates a lot of confusion among the students. There … Read more

Scientific Method – Basic Things You Need to Know

Scientific Method

When you talk about “scientific learning”, it’s not just about learning science in class. Learning about biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy is vital, but even more important are the methods you use to learn… well, just about everything. We use science to solve many different problems. It’s a reasonable and thoughtful approach to answering tough … Read more

Top Reasons Why You Should Do a Science Project

Science Project

Raise your hand if you grew up learning that science is a class where you memorize, four to five syllable words and following instructions straight from the laboratory manual. True enough, many students think that science is all about rote memorization and step-by-step procedures. That is exactly the kind of thinking that many science educators … Read more

What are Rules and Why Do We Need to Follow Them?

Game rules

For as long as we are living, we have been following rules. Why are there so many rules? There are many people that don’t like following the rules because they represent some kind of restrictions. However, in reality, life can’t be placed in order without rules. Without rules and regulations as we know them, modern … Read more

Simple Tips to Spark Creative Ideas in Your Mind


How many times have you uttered to yourself, “I have a great idea!” Probably way too many times than you can count. So we are here to ask, what are ideas? Are they divine sparks of inspiration? Are they neuronal fireworks displays which happen to find meaning in our daily lives? Are they accidental by-products … Read more

What are Categories and What are Some Examples?

Categories and Examples

It’s a well-known fact that we like to organize or point out factors of equivalence in just about anything. We do like to categorize everything and categories are always a part of our lives. When we are shopping for gadgets or books online, we use categories in order to easily find the item that we … Read more

Tips on How to Create an Engaging Trifold Board

Trifold Board for science fair

When it comes to any learning environment, the importance of visual aids can’t be understated. As far as visual aids go, it’s hard to go wrong with a display board especially when you’re presenting to a smaller group of like 25 people. Here’s a simple and plain presentation board containing only important information – straight … Read more

Tips on How to Write a Scientific Procedure

Scientific Procedure on experiments

One of the most important steps in the scientific method is conducting the experiment in order to accept or reject a hypothesis. Perhaps the trickiest part of an experiment, outside of actually doing it, is writing the procedure. Scientific writing is often overlooked in many undergraduate courses because maximizing class time is deemed more important. … Read more

Judges in Competitions – What You Need to Know

science fair judges

When it comes to different roles and professions, a judge is one the most well-respected ones out there. When you talk about a judge, many would picture a person in a black robe while presiding over court proceedings. In law, judges play many different roles. They examine the evidence present, control how trials and hearings … Read more