Surefire Tips to Improve Your Written Report Skills

Written Report

For all students, one of the most memorable assignments that they will encounter is writing a report – but not really in a good way. Report writing can be a very stressful task for students. Many academic assignments require a report instead of an essay. This creates a lot of confusion among the students. There … Read more

Scientific Method – Basic Things You Need to Know

Scientific Method

When you talk about “scientific learning”, it’s not just about learning science in class. Learning about biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy is vital, but even more important are the methods you use to learn… well, just about everything. We use science to solve many different problems. It’s a reasonable and thoughtful approach to answering tough … Read more

What are Categories and What are Some Examples?

Categories and Examples

It’s a well-known fact that we like to organize or point out factors of equivalence in just about anything. We do like to categorize everything and categories are always a part of our lives. When we are shopping for gadgets or books online, we use categories in order to easily find the item that we … Read more

Tips on How to Write a Scientific Procedure

Scientific Procedure on experiments

One of the most important steps in the scientific method is conducting the experiment in order to accept or reject a hypothesis. Perhaps the trickiest part of an experiment, outside of actually doing it, is writing the procedure. Scientific writing is often overlooked in many undergraduate courses because maximizing class time is deemed more important. … Read more

Defining Physics: Why It Matters for our World


Physics is an incredibly important science. It intersects across multiple fields and is one of the most widely used concentrations on Earth. While it is closely related to both biology and chemistry, the science differs because it covers mechanics, heat, light, radiation, electricity, magnetism, sound, and the structure of atoms. The discipline is defined as … Read more