Best Coin Microscope in 2022: [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The coin microscope is a powerful tool that can be used to study the small details of coins and other objects. It has a wide range of uses, including studying ancient coins and artifacts, identifying counterfeit currency, and examining paper money for printing errors.

Coin microscopes come in two types: manual and digital. Manual Coin Microscopes require you to operate them using your hands; while digital Coin Microscopes are operated by computer. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages; so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

If you want to use your microscope for serious research or work on high-value items, we recommend getting a quality manual coin microscope. They typically offer higher magnification levels (up to 800x) than digitized models, making them better equipped to address detailed investigations. However, they can also be more difficult to operate – requiring some experience with optical instruments – so if you’re just starting out or aren’t sure whether this type of equipment is for you, go for a digital model instead.

Best Coin Microscope

If you are in the market for a microscope that can help you view and study coins, then we recommend checking out our top picks. Not only do these microscopes offer great features, but they’re also very affordable.

1. Elikliv 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult Kids, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS

Elikliv 7'' LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult Kids, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS

Elikliv offers a 7” LCD digital microscope that is designed for use with both Mac and Windows systems. It features 1080P resolution, 12MP camera technology, and precise focus capabilities.

The rotatable HD screen makes it easier to view the specimen from different angles- perfect for adult or child specimens alike. Additionally, 10 LED light designs provide optimal clarity while in use.

With continuous magnification ranging from 10X to 1200X, you can zoom in on your observations to get an incredible level of detail as needed. Adopting a design similar to cameras (with an 8x optical lens), the LED illuminator ensures images are clear and bright even under low-light conditions- making it ideal for capturing pictures or videos during some dark experiments/activities.

Finally, photos and videos can be captured using this device with ease- providing insight into what would otherwise be difficult or impossible to see.

Highlighted features:

  • 1080P high resolution
  • 12MP camera technology and precise focus
  • 8 Adjustable LED illuminator
  • photos and videos capability
  • PC view
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2. 5″ Coin Microscope 1200X with 32GB SD Card,Leipan 1080P Wireless LCD Digital Microscope with 8 LED Lights,PC View,Photo/Video Capture for Kids Adults,Compatible with Windows iPhone Android iPad


With its 10X-1200X magnification, Leipan digital microscope is perfect for examining tiny objects like error coins, lines on plants and insect joints. It also has a 5 inch HD LCD screen that allows you to see the details very clearly.

The precision of the camera technology makes it possible to capture beautiful images and videos with great clarity. You can even shoot photos or video through the app. Another great feature is that it supports connecting to your phone via WiFi so everyone can view at the same time – no need for separate devices anymore.

And lastly, this microscope comes with a 32GB SD card which stores plenty of pictures and videos for you to enjoy later on.

Highlighted features:

  • 10X-1200X Magnification
  • 1920*1080P high resolution
  • 5 Inch High Definition Lcd Screen
  • Support Connecting to Phone
  • 8 Adjustable LED Lights
  • Support Hook Up To PC For Larger View
  • Video and Photo with Included 32GB Card
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3. LCD Digital Microscope,ANNLOV 4.3 inch Handheld USB Microscope 50X-1000X Magnification Coin Microscope Video Camera with 8 Adjustable LED Lights for Adults PCB Soldering Kids Outside Use

LCD Digital Microscope,ANNLOV 4.3 inch Handheld USB Microscope 50X-1000X Magnification Coin Microscope Video Camera with 8 Adjustable LED Lights for Adults PCB Soldering Kids Outside Use

The ANNLOV 4.3 inch Handheld USB Microscope 50X-1000X Magnification Coin Microscope Video Camera with 8 Adjustable LED Lights for Adults PCB Soldering Kids Outside Use is perfect for viewing small details such as plants, coins, diamonds and more.

It comes equipped with a built-in 4.3 inch LCD display that makes it easy to view your specimens clearly. You can easily adjust the focus of the microscope using the wheel on the side so you can get a close look at whatever you’re studying without having to move it too much from its original location.

This microscope also supports connecting to your computer via usb cable and viewing objects on a bigger screen (PC). So not only can you examine what’s in front of it, but you can also see pictures or videos of what you’re looking at too. Another great feature about this microscope is that it has an adjustable aluminum alloy bracket which makes setting up and taking down very simple – even for those who are not familiar with microscopes.

With up to 32GB microSD card support, there’s plenty of room for saving all your observations and images/videos from your experiments .

Highlighted features:

  • 50X-1000X magnification
  • easy to focus
  • adjustable aluminum alloy bracket
  • 8 adjustable LED lights
  • widely used
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4. Coin Microscope, Elikliv 4.3″ LCD Digital Microscope 1000x, USB Coin Microscope for Error Coins with Lights for Kids Adults, PC View, Windows Compatible

Coin Microscope, Elikliv 4.3

With the help of this microscope, you can study the amazing details of your observations with great clarity and precision. The 4.3 inch LCD screen is large and easy to read.

Moreover, it provides a good quality video recording as well as real-time images that are crisp and clear. You can also zoom in up to 1000x magnification range for an incredible look at the detailed features of your specimens.

And since it supports Windows connection, you do not have to worry about any compatibility issues or extra software downloads needed. It comes with 8 adjustable LED lights that will provide enough illumination so that you can see clearly even in dark environments or under low light conditions without having to resort to using a flashlight or headlamp..

Lastly, it has a built-in microscope PC View feature which allows you to observe your specimen from larger scales on your computer monitor instead of through the eyepiece lens which often causes eye fatigue and neck strain over time

Highlighted features:

  • 4.3 inch LCD display
  • 720P HD digital imaging
  • 50X-1000X magnification range
  • 8 adjustable LED lights
  • Windows connection for easy use
  • Great gift for any occasion
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5. Elikliv HDMI LCD Digital Microscope with 7” Screen, 1300X Coin Microscope for Adult, 16MP Soldering Video Microscope with 10 Lights Touch Dimming, TV/Windows/Mac Compatible, Extention Tube Included

Elikliv HDMI LCD Digital Microscope with 7'' Screen, 1300X Coin Microscope for Adult, 16MP Soldering Video Microscope with 10 Lights Touch Dimming, TV/Windows/Mac Compatible, Extention Tube Included

The Elikliv 2022 is a high-resolution digital microscope that features a large 16 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor. This greatly improves light sensitivity and noise control, making it perfect for observing plant and animal specimens as well as coins.

It has an increased height stand which makes it easier to get a wider and higher field of view when observing coins or other objects. Additionally, the extension tube fittings make it easy to obtain a wide range of views of your specimen without having to move the whole machine around.

Furthermore, the 7 inch rotatable LCD monitor provides crisper images than traditional microscopes while also being more portable since you can take it with you wherever you go in comparison to traditional microscopes which require an additional stand or cabinet.. Lastly, this microscope supports HDMI output so that you can easily connect it to any TV or monitor with HDMI port – at home, in the lab, classroom or even on the factory floor.

Highlighted features:

  • Elikliv 2022 upgraded digital microscope
  • 16 MP backlit CMOS sensor
  • 1300X magnification
  • rotatable (90 degrees) HD screen design
  • Excellent 10X-1300X zoom
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6. TOMLOV DM202 10.1 Inch HDMI LCD Digital Microscope,10″ Stand Included,16MP Coin Microscope with Screen for Adults,Micro Soldering Microscope,TV/Windows/Mac Compatible,32GB Card Included

TOMLOV DM202 10.1 Inch HDMI LCD Digital Microscope,10

The Tomlov DM202 digital microscope is a great tool for those looking to study coins and other objects at a microscopic level. It features an angle-adjustable LCD screen that makes it easier to work than traditional microscopes.

Additionally, the 10” stand allows you to see the entire coin without having to extend or raise the monitor. This also makes it easy to capture images on a larger HDMI display. Images are displayed clearly and accurately on the large HDMI screen of this microscope, making it perfect for use in labs and by professionals alike.

This digital microscope is also compatible with Windows, Macs, and televisions (via your cable box). So you can examine objects anywhere in your home or office. With updated features like taller stands and larger monitors, the Tomlov DM202 offers improved performance over its predecessor -the DM201-. If you’re looking for a high-quality digital microscope that will make studying coins easy and enjoyable, then look no further than the Tomlov DM202.

Highlighted features:

  • 10.1″ angle-adjustable LCD screen
  • 31% larger view than 7 inch microscope
  • supports Any Size HDMI Monitor- in the Lab, Factory, Classroom, or Home
  • Excellent 3X-1300X zoom
  • Taller 10″ stand
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7. Digital Microscope,LIMINK LM700 Coin Microscope 1200X,16MP Coin Micro Soldering Microscope with 7inch HDMI FHD IPS Screen,Dual Touch Dimming,Windows/Mac OS/TV Compatible,32GB

Digital Microscope,LIMINK LM700 Coin Microscope 1200X,16MP Coin Micro Soldering Microscope with 7inch HDMI FHD IPS Screen,Dual Touch Dimming,Windows/Mac OS/TV Compatible,32GB

The microscope comes with a large 16-megapixel CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing images and data in high detail. As compared to other microscopes on the market, this one boasts improved light sensitivity and noise control.

This makes it ideal for use in studying plant and animal tissues. There are also 2022 Interactive upgrades that include table height lift ring and lens focus ring that allow you to complete the focus operation smoothly without any frustrations or struggles.

Additionally, dual-touch quick dimming technology ensures smooth zooming pictures from up to 5 meters away without any interruptions or lag times occurring. The 7 inch rotatable FHD IPS screen provides an accurate representation of picture and video details as well as colors for an unprecedented microcosm viewing experience unlike anything else available on the market today.

You can even view pictures or videos in real time via HDMI output TV connection or USB port onto your computer laptop system seamlessly. With its suitable for Electronic maintenance capabilities, this microscope is perfect for anyone who wants a quality instrument that they can rely on when working with small electronics parts such as chipsets etc.. It’s also great for those interested in studying biology, histology etc..

Finally, if you’re looking for something truly innovative then look no further than LIMINK LM700 Coin Microscope 1200X – Thanks to its ample features not found elsewhere on the market today at this price point – it’s sure worth your investment.

Highlighted features:

  • Incredible inclusion of dual-touch quick dimming technology
  • Intelligent IR remote control setting up easily, smoothly zooming pictures from up to 5 meters away
  • Suitable for Electronic maintenance and soldering, factory QC inspection, STEM learning, jewelry appraisal, watch repair
  • measurements function
  • Lifetime Warranty
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8. ANNLOV 7″ LCD Digital Microscope with 32GB TF Card 1200X Maginfication 1080P Coin Microscope with Wired Remote,12MP Ultra-Precise Focusing Video Camera with 8 LED Fill Lights Windows/Mac Compatible


With the 7 inch rotatable HD screen, ANNLOV LCD digital microscope is perfect for observation and recording of high-quality images and videos. You can see amazing details from 50X to 1200X with this unit.

The 8 LED lights+2 flexible side lights make it easy to get a clear view in all conditions. Plus, you can hook it up to your PC for even larger views if needed. It has a 50-1200x magnification range that will let you zoom in on your specimens without losing detail or resolution.

The powerful 12mp camera ensures resolutions that are ultra-precise and comparable to traditional optical microscopes. Also, the 2 brightness adjustable side lights make sure everything is seen clearly no matter what lighting condition exists at the time of observation. The portable design makes it easy to take this microscope with you wherever you go.

And because it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, there’s no need to worry about whether or not it’ll work on your computer system (it does.). Lastly, the rotatable screen allows for comfortable viewing angles regardless of where you’re standing when using this microscope

Highlighted features:

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9. 7″ LCD Digital Microscope 1200X,Leipan 12MP Coin Microscope with Screen for Adults,1080P Video Microscope with 32GB TF Card and 12pcs Slides,Wired Remote,2 Side Lights,Windows/Mac OS Compatible


The Leipan 7″ LCD Digital Microscope is perfect for anyone who wants a high-quality microscope that is big and clear. It has a rotatable screen design which allows you to find the best angle for observation, eliminates eye strain and provides continuous magnification from 10x-1200x.

The magnificaiton also differs due to the screen size; the actual magnification will be lower than stated on the product page because of this difference in distance between camera and observations (please note this is not a professional biological lab microscope). Additionally, it comes with 8 adjustable LED lights + 2 flexible side lights – giving you plenty of light no matter where you are looking in your object or specimen.

And lastly, it’s compatible with both Windows & Mac OS computers. So whether you’re an amateur scientist or just want to get a better look at things around your home, this digital microscope is definitely worth checking out.

Highlighted features:

  • 8 LED lights
  • height adjustable
  • solid metal holder and base
  • lifetime & customer care
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10. TOMLOV DM4S 1000X Error Coin Microscope with 4.3″ LCD Screen, USB Digital Microscope with LED Fill Lights, Metal Stand, PC View, Photo/Video, SD Card Included, Windows Compatible

TOMLOV DM4S 1000X Error Coin Microscope with 4.3

Curiosity is a powerful emotion and one that should be encouraged in teens & adults alike. That is why TOMLOV has designed this versatile video microscope specifically for those people who show mild interest in science/engineering.

It also provides great details for coin collectors. The large screen eliminates eye and neck strain, while the 50-1000X magnification range makes it easy to zoom in and see the incredible details at a magnification range from 50 to 1000X.

The actual magnification differs due to the screen size, the distance between camera and object being observed or filmed. Apart from taking photos & videos, you can use it as an ideal tool for studying cells or even coins. Its metal stand gives you stability when observing or filming delicate specimens under high magnifications without any fear of damage caused by vibration or movement (unlike other microscopes which uses glass).

With its 4 inch LCD screen, there are no more delays due to Wi-Fi signal issues nor will eyestrain become an issue with long hours of use thanks to adjustable LED illumination around lens area without needing extra lights sources like candles/lamps etc on your lab table top.. Lastly, we want to mention that our team strives hard on providing excellent customer service – so if you have any questions before making your purchase please do not hesitate and reach out us.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy-to-use
  • 50-1000X magnification
  • Large screen
  • Solid metal frame construction
  • Can be separated from the stand so you can hold it freely
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What to Look for to Have The Best Coin Microscope?

Now that you have an idea of the best products in the market, it would help to look at some of the essential features. A coin microscope has many small aspects that you need to check to ensure you are making the right investment. By taking a look at these features, you can narrow down on the right unit without too much hassle.


The first feature that you might want to take a look at is the power of the motor. This factor is what is responsible for the actual cutting power of the unit. There is always a trade-off; however, as with higher power, the battery becomes bulkier, which, in turn, affects the portability of the coin microscope.

Variable Speed Settings

These days the variable speed setting is a must when you are looking for a coin microscope. With this feature, you can adjust the rate at which the blade of the microscope spins. You get to choose whether you prioritize cutting speed or accuracy when you can adjust the speed on the go.

Orbital Action Settings

The orbital action that you often find in a coin microscope lets you optimize the aggressiveness of the blade. As a result, you can make faster cuts and can also work with different types of materials. If you want to get the most out of your investment, it is a feature well worth considering.

Blade Adjustment Options

The blade is an essential component of the coin microscope, as that is what controls the cutting capability of your device. Over time, it can wear out and needs replacing. Expecting the blade to last a lifetime is unrealistic, and you need to be ready to replace it when it loses its edge.

Bevel Capabilities

By bevel capabilities, we mean the ability of the coin microscope to work with different cutting angles. Without this option, you will be stuck with making a specific cut every time. It takes a lot away from your freedom in how you want to proceed with your project.

Weight and Ergonomics

The advantage of using a coin microscope lies in its portability. But all the freedom in the world will not matter much if the unit is difficult to handle. Weight and shape of the handle both matter when you are looking at the ergonomics of the device.

Additional Features

With all the essential factors in check, you might want to see if you can get some additional utility from your coin microscope.

What People Also Asking About Best Coin Microscope?

Coin microscopes are great for displaying coins, and they can also be used as decorative pieces. Here, you can find your best coin microscopes that can also work as decorative pieces.

Q: What is the best type of coin microscope?

A: Coin microscopes are one of the best types of devices to display your collection of coins. You can use them to examine the details of your coins, to compare coins in different sizes, or to find out what material your coins are made of.

Q: What do I need to buy a coin microscope?

A: You will need a microscope, a stand, and a coin holder. The best type of microscope to buy is a binocular microscope. It can help you examine your coins at a close distance. You can also get a trinocular microscope for a better view.

Q: What other things are needed to get a coin microscope?

A: You will need a set of coin holders, which you can buy at a store. You can also find them online. Some of the options can be used as coin cases. You can also use a coin stand.

Q: What is the best way to clean a coin microscope?

A: Cleaning a coin microscope is easy to do. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it down. You can also use a disinfectant to clean the microscope. You can also use the cloth to clean other things that you have around.

Q: How do I use a coin microscope?

A: Using a coin microscope is easy. You can hold the device in your hand and use it to examine your coins. You can also use the coin microscope to examine other things around the house, like the jewelry or coins on your dresser.

Q: What do I need to know about using a coin microscope?

A: You should not use a coin microscope to examine coins whose worth is high. The device is best for examining coins that are less valuable.


If you are looking for a powerful microscope that is also affordable, the Coin Microscope from Leica might be perfect for your needs. This microscope is capable of providing high-quality images and has a wide range of uses, so it can be used in both academic and professional settings.

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