The Best Way to Create a Great Science Display Board

One of the most important parts of creating a stunning science project (either for a fair or for class) is the display board. Your board should tell the story of your project and help anyone looking at it understand what you did. While not everyone makes a board to win a fair or get a grade, it always helps to have your projects look good. This article will outline how to make that happen.

The Importance of the Middle Flap

In order to put together a strong display board you first need to understand the way everything should look. In general, display boards have a center panel and two flaps on either side. Each flap should serve a distinct purpose and help bring the whole project together.

The middle flap is the most important because it is how you draw people in. This flap can have a wide variety of different sections on it, but you generally want to make sure it covers your results, conclusion and has a big, catchy title. That way the person looking at your board can know everything about your experiment by simply looking at the center.

However, you can also forgo that and simply use the middle space purely as an attractor. Here, you fill it with your title and a series of flashy pictures or images to make everything pop. This is a great way to add extra excitement or fun to your board.

Making Good Use of the Side Flaps

Once you have your middle flap figured out, you want to move onto the sides. If you have your middle filled with images, the side flaps should help describe your experiment in detail. However, if your center goes over the larger points of your project, the side flaps should work to complement it.

Each of the side flaps should have clearly defined sections that are cut out and put on with glue or tape. Make sure they all have a different topic and help convey something about your experiment in a fun and succinct way.

Though there is no one way to split up the flaps, it always helps to have them organized by theme. For instance, having one detail the experiment while filling the other solely with data and charts. You can also have one cover the entire project and have the other discuss your findings.

Remember that there is no limit to the amount of sections you can put on the side flaps as long as things do not get too crowded. There is nothing worse than a busy or overly-cluttered display board. That can cause it to be confusing, which makes it both hard to read and difficult to judge.

Proper Organization and a Flashy Title

Once you have a good idea of how your science project board should look, you next want to make sure it meets all the requirements of a strong presentation.

As touched on in the above section, the biggest rule is to keep everything neat and organized. Clutter can make a board look tacky and ruin the appeal. It can also make it difficult for the person reading it to follow your experiment. Making sure everything moves in a simple way keeps the reader focused and in the loop.

It always helps to have a strong title as well. Anyone, judge or visitor, moving through a room should be compelled to stop and look at your board.

Though extra pictures or decorations help with that, a great title can also cause people to stop. Simply stating what your experiment is about or discussing the conclusion can work, but it isn’t a show stopper. Rather, you want to ask questions or use catchy hooks to draw people in.

Creating a Good Look

Another big part of drawing people into your poster board is making it attractive. While it may not seem necessary to go the extra mile when building a display, it helps a lot.

Add in extra photos, colors, images, and decorations wherever possible. Bright, vibrant colors or subtle dark tones work wonders as well. Just remember not to go overboard. Find out how to decorate your display in a way that keeps everything sleek and clean.

A Truly Unique Display

It does not matter if you’re making a science project board for class or a science fair board for scoring, you want your experiment to stand out from the crowd. The above tips are how you make that happen.

As long as you know the proper steps and understand what makes a great display board great, you can then customize your project to fit you. Do not simply go off what other people do. Rather, have fun with it and make it your own.

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