Why Good Text Layout Matters for Your Website

Regardless of what medium you work in, webpage design is one of the hardest things to master. Everybody wants their site to look good but getting it up to snuff is not an easy task. There are many different things you need to worry about when balancing a page, but one of the most important is layout.

Both text and photo layout are vital to a website’s look. They draw the eye in and keep people interested in your content. However, layouts are much more than flashy images or interesting fonts. They are complex beasts that bring multiple elements together in a sleek way. We will explore that (and the layout definition) below.

The Importance of Text Layouts

Text is extremely important. Not only will a poor layout make a page look cluttered, but it also can drive people away from your site. Nobody wants to be confused while trying to analyze information, they want to be informed in a streamlined way.

Many people skim through pages in today’s age of her and now. That means you have to make scanning easy for your reader. Poor formatting, weak typography, or incorrect font size can create a lot of issues, which does not incentivize someone to revisit or stay on a site.

Choosing the Correct Color and Font

There are several steps you need to follow when creating a strong text layout. The first is picking a color that works. Color is a big part of making a page look good, and that holds true for both images and words. Text that hurts the eyes or that is hard to read is never going to drive traffic. Rather, do your best to find colors that complement each other.

It is key to note that visibility is much more important than pretty colors. You might want to go with all bright tones, but your first goal is to make the font easy on the eye.

You should also avoid clashing fonts. Though you can use different fonts to prove a specific point or create distinct sections, most of the time you want everything to be cohesive.

You can find a range of different fonts online. Just make sure you choose one that is easy to read.

Effectively Breaking Up Content

Breaking up your sections is also incredibly important when building a strong layout. Not only does this technique give the reader a break while going through longer sections of text, but it also helps your different topics feel fresh.

There are two ways to go about breaking up text. The first is through bullet points and numbering. This is a simple trick that does wonders for your layout. It can work to separate sections in a natural way, and also allows you to quickly and efficiently deliver information.

Just remember to keep your bullet points short. The whole goal is to keep information succinct. Anything longer than one or two lines is much too long for a single bullet point.

Beyond lists, the other natural way to split up text is with headers. These, which are on display in this article, both help your post look good and allow readers to quickly scan through content.

Proper organization is incredibly important when it comes to good text and using headers to nicely break information into multiple sections increases readability.

Block quotes can also help the reader move through your content more quickly. Though not applicable to all content, these look great, highlight key information, and enable the reader to get a worthy rest as they move through your site.

Mixing Pictures and Text

Text is vital to making a website look good, but images are important as well. Photo layout can be vital to a good design, and you want to make it works with your text as much as possible.

If your text is great but you have poor images, people won’t be drawn to your site. On the flip side, if your images are great but your text layout is poor, you also won’t be able to hold people’s interest.

Your goal is to strike a balance between images and text. Too many photos can make things feel cluttered, but too few can detract from the site’s “wow” factor. Go hard to the middle ground.

Bringing Your Page to Life

Layouts may seem intimidating, but they are a breeze once you know the basics. There is no one layout definition, and there is not one way to design a page. Rather than finding the set solution, you want to follow the above instructions. As long as you stick the overall rules and focus on creating a strong design, your layout will be stellar.

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