How to Choose the Best Science Kits for Your Child

Is your kid going all mad scientist on you?

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually kind of awesome.

As a cool parent, you want to indulge their sense of wonder and excitement in the world. One of the best ways to do this is through kids’ science kits.

These handy little kits allow your kid to live out their fantasies while learning about how the world around them functions and sustains itself.

Science is fun. Science is cool. And there’s nothing better than watching your child experience the better side of what the world has to offer.

That’s why science kits for kids are such a great idea. They introduce the concept of STEM education (education which covers the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math) in a way that children actually enjoy.

Getting your kids into these concepts early helps them retain interest later in life, which can be vital to their success as a person.

When the job fair rolls around, having your kiddos to gravitate towards STEM fields is definitely not a bad thing.

So which science and exploration kits should you choose?


Chemistry Science Kits for Kids that Want a Reaction

You may remember chemistry from your high school days.

If you’re like many of us, you may feel a ball of dread deep in the pit of your stomach. Fractured images of the periodic table dance around in your mind, taunting you.

However, your child doesn’t have to have that experience. Get them excited about chemistry with some of the coolest chem sets around.


Ultimate Secret Formula Lab Set by SmartLab Toys

The Ultimate Secret Formula chemistry set is a great way to start your child off on the road to straight a’s in chemistry.

You get a 32-page lab book featuring over 40 experiments, and all the tools necessary to carry them out. Your child will feel like a true scientist.

This kit costs 40 dollars, and it will provide months’ worth of entertainment.


Kids First Chemistry Set by Thames and Kosmos

The Kid’s First Chemistry Set is perfect for intrepid young children who want to turn the whole house into a chemistry lab.

You’ll have access to 25 experiments. You’ll use the materials provided and source some common household goods from your laundry room and kitchen as well.

For 32 dollars, you’ll get hours of fun for the whole family.


Earth Science Kits for Kids that Rock

Earth science is everything we love about our planet — towering geologic formations, incredible landscapes, and breathtaking gems.

Now you can introduce your little one to the exciting world of earth science with these amazing science and discovery kits.


Toysmith Rock Science Kit Identification Guide

The Toysmith Rock Science is what kids like about geology: shiny stuff.

Your child can explore 15 colorful and exciting rock specimens, using a magnifying glass to study them. He or she will then get to classify them using identification guide.

At under 10 dollars, this earth science kit really rocks.


Smithsonian Glow in the Dark Giant Volcano Kit

The giant volcano kit is a new take on the baking-soda-and-red-dye classic of your younger years. Your kid will get to build a volcano over a foot tall.

You’ll both be amazed as glowing lava explodes out of it after you trigger the explosion. This kit is 16 dollars and includes two volcano bases for your exploding pleasure.


Experimental Crystal Growing Kit

This crystal growing kit will allow you and your child to conduct 7 experiments with beautiful colored crystals.

This kit is perfect for the geologists among us. At just 30 dollars, it won’t break the bank.


Cosmic Science Kits for Kids that are Stars

Does your little one like to look up at the stars? Appease their thirst for the cosmos with science supplies geared towards the skies.


Smithsonian Planetarium Projector

This planetarium projector is perfect for your kid’s room. It has more than 50 different image combinations, which you can insert and project onto the ceiling.

Your little astronomer will learn about stars, planets, asteroids and other space-related oddities. For 30 dollars, you can’t get any more educational than this.


Magic School Bus Secrets of Space Science Kit

Join Ms. Frizzle and the gang with this Magic School Bus space kit.

You and your spaceman will be able to build a telescope, create a diorama, explore the phases of the moon and build a constellation box with this awesome kit.

This kit provides days of fun for just 15 dollars.


Celestron 3-Piece Science Kit

The Celestron science kit includes everything you need to study space from afar. A telescope and a microscope are both included in the set, as well as a tripod, slides, and other science tools.

This set has great value at 40 dollars, but it’s better used by children that are a bit older and under parental supervision.


Science Kits are a Great Way to Bond with Kids and Promote Education

Performing home experiments serves to inspire children.

Turning your living room into a science lab is a great way to spend time with the family, and who knows?

Your kid may just be the next Bill Nye.

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