How to Give Out Award Ribbons at a Science Fair

Give Out Award Ribbons at a Science Fair

Science projects and science fairs are a great way to get kids to learn. They engage the mind and help raise interest in different fields. The events are friendly, but the inherent competition is also a great way to get students to push themselves. However, scoring fairs is never easy. To help with that, the … Read more

Science Fair Insider: The Independent Variable Explained

The Independent Variable Explained

Ok, so it’s science fair time. Don’t panic. It can seem crazy what kids are learning in school these days. Unfortunately, as a parent, you’re also expected to keep up with them. This means getting regular refresher courses on math, literature, and the scientific method. That last one especially can get pretty tricky. You may … Read more

Science Fair Insider: The Dependent Variable Explained

The Dependent Variable Explained

It’s time for the science fair. This no-holds-barred grade-school experiment extravaganza is getting more and more complicated as the years go by. You can’t just build a paper Mache volcano anymore, parents. These things are way more competitive than that nowadays. In order to construct your child’s experiment, it’s got to have variables. To use … Read more